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 Life's short. Deliver your work seriously. And have fun doing it!

Welcome to the exciting world of Hemingway Delivers. Well let's be honest, if it comes down to just picking-up and delivering packages, it really isn't all that exciting. And our man Hemingway isn't exactly the most interesting man in the world either, but he is the courier you always wanted. Based in Toronto, he goes anywhere and everywhere in Ontario. His eight levels of service (four Same-Day; four Overnight) offer you the unparalleled flexibility of getting your shipments to their destinations no matter how fast or how slow you want them to get there. And let's be honest again - that is pretty exciting!

Did you know that there are more courier companies per capita located in the Greater Toronto Area than any other major metropolitan centre in North America, and that includes New York City and Los Angeles? If you did, what truly makes the world of Hemingway Delivers exciting is the reality that, despite the overwhelming competition that inevitably causes most courier companies to look pretty much all the same in Toronto - we are different. Very, very different.

So different, in fact, our competitors would like nothing better than to find out all that makes us tick and what sets us apart from them. For this reason we are careful about the information we place in the public domain, like on this website. This public reticence has made us rather notorious with our competitors.

This website was developed with the sole intent to make the shipping experience for our clients supremely convenient and informative with online ordering, online instant pricing and online tracking in real time. It wasn't intended to brag about who we are and what we do. If you would like to find out more about everything that sets us apart from the rest and how we can help your business, go to the Contact Us page, drop us a line and we'll get back to you within twenty-four hours. Although our public reticence is well known, because we are extremely excited about the work we do and how we help our clients, privately you might just find we never stop talking.

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